Sole offers a wide variety of umbrellas, cabanas, furniture and
accessories to make your outdoor space the space of your dreams.

Beach Umbrellas

  • Heavy duty octagonal push-up
  • Pointed ashwood pole
  • Marine acrylic fabric

Beach Cabana

  • Heavy duty
  • Wide aluminum frame
  • Solid alum rod
  • Marine acrylic fabric


Sole can help you create an amazing outdoor eviroment that requires experience and good taste. Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, helping our customers create unique and beautiful outdoor spaces. We offer the best umbrellas, furniture, and accessories for the our costumers. Read more >

Repairs – Refurbishment

Accidents happens. Do do not feel discouraged, if your outdoor umbrella has been damaged or worn out. Repairing an umbrella is possible, most of the time. We offer a professional repairing service including replacement of parts, frames, fabric sewing, patching or complete refurbishment. Read More >

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