Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas

Sole market umbrella offers a shield against sunbeam effects; they are also heavy duty wind and fade resistant, light rain protective, lightweight and custom designed.

Our Market umbrellas are thoroughly prepared with special techniques and materials to ensure a top product: durable fabrics for a better sunlight deflection; good vent system; suitable sizes for all needs; resistant materials manufacturing for poles and bases.

Our traditional market umbrella has a functional, beautiful, versatile design for all use and weather.


  • Fiberglass, Aluminum or Wood centered pole
  • Fiberglass, Aluminum or Wood frames
  • Square, Rectangular or Octagonal shape
  • With Valance (Standard, Contour) or without Valance (Straight, Fishtail, Reverse Fish)
  • Variety of color samples of panels, you can choose between a single solid or alternating color
  • Different thickness, length, color of Fringes and Tassels
  • Vent features: single overlap, double overlap, integrated
  • Printing options: logo or pattern in 1 or 2 colors
  • Manual or Pulley Lift mechanism