Umbrella Repairs

  • We repair all types of umbrellas whether they are ours or not.
  • Repair or replace parts including hubs, caps, poles, ribs, safety pins, etc.
  • Repair tears on fabric resewing seams, arrach new binding and even replace with a new
    cover when the existing one is sun damaged.

Cushion repairs

  • We repair all types of cushions.
  • We repair tears and some stains.
  • We can provide new cushion covers using existing fill when it is good or replace foam.

Refurbish Chaise, Chairs, Cabanas and Umbrellas

  • We refurbish you chaice, cabanas and umbrellas with the best techniques:
  • Sandblast.
  • New paint.
  • New pole.
  • New bushing
  • New PVC pipes
  • Resewing of all seems etc.

Furniture repairs

  • We repair your chaise or chair with:
  • New Slings.
  • New Straps.
  • Replace some of the damaged.